Metal Mixing: 8 Tips for Mixing Metal Jewelry

One of the age-old questions in the world of fashion that continues to be asked is, “Can I wear silver and gold accessories at the same time?” Many can recall a time when doing so was considered a fashion faux pas or tacky, however, today it is considered to be an acceptable and common practice. While those of us here at Geyermans believe that you can and should wear whatever you feel good in, there are a few widely accepted tips in the industry that can help budding “fashionistas” to create a look that that they will be comfortable wearing.

Here are eight tips for combining silver and gold pieces into your look.

1. Consider your skins undertone

A great start to selecting the silver and gold pieces you want to combine, is to take into consideration the undertone of your skin color and how it is complimented by the type of metal you choose. For example, there are three types of gold in today’s jewelry market: rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. To identify which type suits your undertone best (the three types of undertones for skin are warm, cool and neutral) check out this article from MasterClass.

2. The four jewelry regions

The four common regions of the body where jewelry is worn are the neck, ears, wrists and fingers. While there is no rule that says you must wear mixed jewelry in each region, consider keeping similarly themed pieces together in each area.

3. Wear mixed pieces

One of the most important elements of mixing gold and silver, is having at least one mixed metal piece in your ensemble, like these Two-Tone Ellipse Earrings, or these Silver Oval Earrings with Mini Gold Rings. If you can find a jewelry set like this “Blessed” Mixed Metal Necklace and Earring Set, you can avoid a lot of work trying to match styles in the different regions.

"Blessed" Mixed Metal Necklace and Earring Set


4. Don't count Permanent jewelry and accessories 

If you wear permanent jewelry (think wedding bands) that are one type of metal or the other, don’t sweat it! Generally, they can still lend to the mixing of metal accessories. Remember, shoes and handbags count too, so if you typically carry a neutral-colored handbag  or wallet like this brown Just For Me Wallet that has one or the other on it, it’s not a problem! Brown, black, taupe and tan are considered neutral colors that can go with almost anything. 

Just For Me Wallet



5.It’s about balance

As is the case with many things in life, having a good balance of gold and silver in your accessories is important. If you are wearing rings, have one or two rings of each metal together works better than having only silver rings and then gold bracelets. Truly mixing the pieces together (wearing them side by side) rather grouped by metal type only is ideal.

6. Repeat Repeat Repeat

Repeat each metal at least once throughout your outfit. If you wear a mixed metal necklace and then gold earrings, like these Gold Ellipse Earrings or these Satin Gold Chandelier Earrings, then opt to wear a silver or mixed metal bracelet.


Satin Gold Chandelier Earrings

 7. Put on the layers

Layering can be accomplished in multiple ways and lends to the visual appeal of the look. Try layering necklaces (just be sure to wear necklaces of different lengths to prevent tangling) and try wearing earrings, rings or bracelets of different weights.

8. Consider the tone of your outfit

This final rule is fairly simple: If your outfit is casual keep the metal accessories casual as well. Whether your look is more sophisticated, conservative or alternative, keeping with the same aesthetic in your metal accessories is the right way to go.

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